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Online Gambling Winners Silenced by Losers

When a woman of 65 years of age loses her job, steals from her kids, then jumps off a roof patio to her death 200 feet below as a result of her demise into the shadowy world of online gambling, it makes for a much more interesting story than one of a man, 25 years of age who wins a $5,000 jackpot and pays his bills with the winnings.

Interesting stories stem from the losers, but the winners are far great in number.

Interesting stories stem from the losers, but the winners are far great in number.

It is also a more interesting to read of one of the richest men in the world, Sheldon Aldelson, owner of the Las Vegas Sands, creating his own lobbying arm in Washington D.C. in an attempt to thwart the proliferation of online casino games in the United States, than it is to read about the website owner who believes his visitors have a right to the entertainment they choose in which to participate.

This is why if you look at the news all you see are horrible stories of internet gambling related activity. Taken together the picture may seem gloomy for the industry that processes billions of minutes per month in entertainment activity.

But if you take any one day and truly take a picture of the industry this is what you might see…

First, you will see 95% of players losing $20. That’s right. It is hard to get a real statistic because there are so many different online casinos, many of which are run in unregulated markets, but skilled analysts believe that 95% of all players are small-potatoes, sort of speak.

The other five percent consist of big winners and big losers. Of that five percent, 4.5% percent are big winners, while just one half of one percent of all players who play any type of casino game are considered big losers on any particular given day!

Our analyst at BOC, as well as our editor Ronald Sandstrom, believes it important to share the winning stories so the public can get a more accurate feeling for the true nature of the industry. After all 95% of the people that play online basically have no story, good or bad. They get their $20 of entertainment, play for an hour or two, and move on with their lives, much in the same way we might take a break to watch a movie during the day.

The really good stories that go unheard are the ones where a player hits a jackpot of $10,000 and can pay their bills for the next 6 months. They typically come back to the casino and play again, but they don’t give it all back. The $100-$500 winners may give it all back, but when a player wins an amount that can have significance in their life, they typically only give back 10% of what they made, then they cash out and never come back again.

That is the true nature of online casinos and the stories that need to be told more often.

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