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No other activity is more connected to casino gaming than a spinning roulette wheel. It represents chance like no other game on a casino floor. Simply put your bet on a number, spin the wheel and get more excitement than you can imagine if the ball lands on your number It is pretty much as simple as that.

Of course, there are more complexities to roulette, but not so many that anyone couldn’t figure it out in less than five minutes. It all comes down to choosing an option. The option you choose is suited to your level of risk, but as with all endeavors involving money, the greater the risk the greater the reward.

For instance, a player can choose red or black. That is close to 50/50, but there is still a chance the ball lands on green. If you choose right you win double your bet. You can also choose a column in hopes that the ball will land on one of the three columns of numbers. This pays out three-to-one as there is a one and three chance to win. You could also choose evens or odds.

The highest payout is if you put your money on green zero and it comes up. Hitting the number you choose on the table pays out 35 to 1. Go read about the extensive basics of roulette, or go read all about the history of the game at Wilkipedia.

Best Sites to Play Real Cash Roulette Online

Grand Parker Roulette Wheel
Grand Parker Roulette
After installing the casino players will find two versions of roulette, American and European. The American version has a green zero and a green double zero. The European version only has one green zero. Use bonus code GPTABLES to get 125% extra on four initial deposits.

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino Roulette
Not all casinos online are created equal. Bovada seperates itself from the rest by offering a full range of casino games, including roulette, but also adding in a sportsbook, poker room and full range of slot machines. They even have a mobile version of their brand and great customer service.

Play Free Roulette from Bovada

The best place to play free roulette is at Bovada Casino. Beware, you can only see the above free game if you are on a computer or tablet that is able to display Flash powered scripts and software. Realize that should test your skills using the free roulette game above before you play for real cash. Don’t deposit money into an online casino unless you can afford it.
Top 10 Online Casinos
# Casino Bonus Site
1 Grand Parker $8,000 Visit
2 Loco Panda $4,000 Visit
3 Lion Slots $15 ND Visit
4 Aladdins Gold 200% Visit
5 Las Vegas USA $3,000 Visit
6 WinPalace $1,000 Visit
7 Slots of Fortune $3,000 Visit
8 OnBling $3,000 Visit
9 Slots Jungle $10,000 Visit
10 Buzz Luck $868 Visit
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